Monday, December 01, 2008


yes yes...scream at me, yell at me..but don't slap me..i have not been writin for a long long time..pardon me.

loads has happen since my last post of rock climbin'.

recap..the last 8 months..

#1 Got myself a new job..back into the foodservice the commercial equipment side.based in if you ever in Midvalley area, buzz me cos my office is there.So far is been great..adaptin back to the corporate cos i left a year pursuing my own stuffs and doing Herbalife full time. in that one year, i have done so much self-discovery and exploration..and yes i am still doin Herbalife partially. A man once spoke to say "you can build your fortune part time"

#2 Started a online clothin with a long time best buddy of mine, Gloria..check us out at
i am putting my talent of shoppin and lookin for good stuffs into good far is progressin slowly but we are happy that we took that step.

#3 I've shifted out from my parents place. Cos Putra Heights is just to far far. My boyfriend jokes about how you need a passport to travel feels like another country. I've moved in with a friend at D'sara Perdana Condo. So far is been great cos i got a good housemate that takes cares of me. We tend to look out for each other.

#4 I've sort of pick up tennis and heading to the driving range to pratice my gold swings. Is no harm to learn more sports and make myself useful..after all exercise are good for health.i'm a great believer of that but just that haven't been really walkin the talk..

#5 the rest is the bits and pieces here and there...

Monday, March 31, 2008

rock climbin 30.3.2008

after much hesitations and procrastinations, i finally did it...*yes!*

i know that too many people is not a great accomplishment but to me, is one of those things in "my to do list @ checklist" among other things.

was at a conversation with a family friend, Mike and i asked hime whether he was still into climbing. he says "yea". He invited me to his regular sunday rock climbing.checked on my schedule ..oh yea sunday is available. the few days before sunday came, i was very eager looking forward to the weekend climbing..just like a lil kid who is eager awaiting for the new bicycle.

sunday came..made arrangements to meet Mike at summit. i also invited Merv along. Reckon it will be fun doing it together..All in all the whole day rock climbing cost us each Rm 38 which includes the beginner class, the gears, the shoes and entry fee.

we were assigned to an instructor, Din. Din was really friendly, going through with us the basic knowledge of climbing, the roles and responsibilities, the basic equipments, tying the knots, and belaying process. one similiarity with diving is that you never ever climb climb with a climber and one me its so awesome. the experience was so great..and nothing beats the experience of doing it as a couple.i kinda like the idea of doing something together with my partner..instead of just hanging out, going to the movies and dinners.."i did rock climbing with my boyfriend,Merv ;)"

we spent close to 3 hours at the rock climbing area..going through some of the climbing routes, trying on our own.merv seems to be doing pretty well in rock climbin especially with his footholds.i need to work on my belaying.

well worth spent RM 38 for the experience. i would probably go for another few more climbing trips.seems fun and i like the idea how you challenge yourself and push yourself to climb and stretch and reach to the top. it feels as though i have conquer the the top of the euphoric!

next destination: camp 5, 1 utama

Monday, March 17, 2008

diving escapade @ the journey

..i must admit i never quite understand how diving can be such a powerful i decided to get myself "into" diving and experience it myself. a bunch of friends have been planning to go diving together..merv, soon yean and pei yin are gonna do their rescue dive while me, robert and grace are doing our open water dive (beginner)..while jason and tomo will just join us for the trip. destination: pulau perhentian.

started the journey by making the deposit payment, get my manuals (still not excited yet)...

started reading my manuals as i need to accomplished that before attending my knowledge development classes for open water dive. it did feels like going back to school again, the whole reading, highlightin important points, quizzes..okay till this point everything still sounds a lil un-excited, an plain.

then came the 1st class, and it got a lil more interesting as the instructor explain on the whole diving expereince, the procedures and the got even more interesting when we did our 1st confined water (pool session) where we get to suit up and put on the gears..and yea..we learn how to breathe using the regulator as underwater is totally different (wanna know more how it works, register yourself for diving and you'll now what i mean) i guesss you never know how it is and what it feels like till you get the 1st hand experience yourself..which explains why i can never able to imagine and understand how merv gets super duper excited about diving before i am in it i totally get it (well at least when he talks about the equipments and diving stuffs i totally understand and sees it) ..

it gets more and more excited as we attended more classes. still got one more pool session and a lil test on the knowledge of open water diving and we are all geared for our open water dives at perhentian..ohh la la...and also i get to use merv's old wet suit which is still in very good condition ;) do intend to get my own mask.. saw one that i quite fancy at global scuba the other day at one utama..reasonable priced too. more reason to get it...*winks*

cant wait till the open water dives, discovering the beauty of the underwater paradise and what makes it even more exciting is the company of good friends..all the craps chattin, the dives, the laughters and alchohols...ohh...stay tune for the updates from the trip. to be posted next month april as the trip is april 11-14 ...awesome!

Friday, February 22, 2008

my valentine version : 2008

Valentine's Day or Saint Valentine's Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14th. It is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine's cards,presenting flowers, or offering confectionary. The holiday is named after two of the numerous Early Christian martyrs named Valentine. The day became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished...

in the modern day many people took advantage of "The Day" and make it into a business opportunity.How? Flowers are sold multiple times more expensive (take it or leave it), fancy restaurants are all booked out, average costing RM 300++ per totally out mind,insane and blow so much money away just for ONE night! and Merv, we had a very much budgeted valentine together...we went for a movie which was charged at usual price and we went for a ice cream treat in the night at baskin it aint that bad..and i also got a freebie from not so much about the gifts but most importnatly is whom you spend it with that matters pointless to spend such a day with someone you totally do not fancy given the person were to shower you with fancy dinner, big bouquet of know what i mean...;)

CNY 2008

best time of the year.

1. get angpausss ($$$) if you aint married yet, last checked i am in the category eligible to receive ang pau.

2.feast like the king and queen. eat and eat and drink and drink ..never ending.. (is the time of the year that you can say nevermind eat and chinese new year, once a year)
3.gambling sessions..the time of the year you can see people true colors (crazy psycho gambles)..
all the cards and all the mahjongs...

4.a time to get together with families..especially distant relatives..and also a time to rekindle relationships including friendships

5.balik kampung..(sad for those who are born, grow up and lived the whole entire life in KL)

6.yee sang...for good lucks!better health,better wealth, more happiness..and some will also try to hit the lottery..
picture #01 : best friend,Grace came back from Sydney to celebrate CNY after 13 years
picture #02 : rekindle friendship session @ gambling session
picture #03 : 4 Aces!!
picture #04 : see all true colors showin.. all the gamblers' faces
picture #05 : loh sang sessions @ Merv's place
picture #06: the after loh sang session..

Fei Fen's get together meet up dinner

our lil get together..
time sure flies....
cant really recap the last meet up that we had..the college bunch from Help Institute...

thanks to Beth for organizing this time around meet up..and of course everyone gave face to try their best to show up as Fei Fen came back for a visit.She has been away for a long time..residing now in Melbourne

was a good get together.the company was great, the food was awesome..we had tony roma's at the gardens, midvalley and end the night with this super duper indulging cream, oreos, chocolate syrup and etc..

Fei Fen >> was good seeing ya again.Recall last saw you was in Melbourne 3 years back i think..gosh thats long..hope the next time wont be that long to wait..
picture #01 : standing (me, beth,jessie,merv), sitted (kian boon,fei fen)
picture #02 : feast like a king!
picture #03 : the yummy-licious dessert..ohh..just melt you away
picture #04 : the group picture before we all bid goodbye
picture #05 : fei fen & me

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

hello 2008

times sure flies...
before we know it..blink blink is 2008!
so hello 2008, farewell to 2007.
is time again to review last year, and plan ahead for the new year.

#01 career: on a mission of bringin value to more people.educatin people about their well-being as well as helpin them to manage their weight too. be it losin that extra kgs or gaining or even just maintaining and have a good health. as for me i got rid of all my pain killers and medications for my severe gastric,migraine and my skin allergy,excema.of course i successfully shed of those extra kilos and shaped up. that was one of the goals in 2007.accomplished!

#02 managin my finances..has for sure improved as i barely use my best friends visa and master.minimise my expenditure.spendin within means.reduce my whole "shopaholic" habit totally. for 2008, expecting to CLEAR OFF all my debts, have some money parked aside.

#03 remember my previous post, love found a way into my heart in Q1 2007. and still sweptin my feet off the ground.still in cloud nine...still learning to cope , sharin my life with someone. accepting all my imperfections.

xmas 2007

#04 had a new hairdo too this year 2008! what a coincidence! yea decided gonna give a shot to leave my hair when on to straighten it.and had it a lil snip. did the copper color highlightin' too. will try to take a snapshot on it and post it up.

#05 to spend more time this year than 2007 in strengthen relationship bonds-families,friends..all the loved ones.

#06 trips / vacations (targeted to have at least 3)

april : diving trip with merv,rob,grace,yean and some other people

july: bangkok (S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G)

december: family holiday with parents

#07 scouts and plan ahead for my further education. business school. (goal : Wharton Biz School)

#08 to be more involved with my lil baby "sharin heart,sharin hopes". to do more for the kids this year with at least 3 big projects to raise funds and be with the kids!

is gonna be a great year!

~you must take personal cannot change the circumstances,the seasons,or the wind,but you can change yourself!~DREAM IT,DO IT

Saturday, September 08, 2007


heys people

a lil' cakes stories to share.

over the last few months, there was just so many many birthdays, functions and events..

and cake is always the best thing for celebration.

a friend of mine celyn runs a bakery @ cafe@ cake shop..and of course all the cakes, brownies,cream puffs,and breads baked fresh from their factory ovens..

Where: Backofen

Sri Hartamas (same row as Spicy Restaurant)

so instead of patronize other cake shops why not one that my friend owns.Thats not the ultimate factor...the ultimate is that the cakes are terms of design, deco,taste and affordability...Especially the chocolate cakes..just rocks! Especially the chocolate lovers, is like love at 1st sight.It just melts your how it did to mine and my friends..

so far the cakes that i got from backofen received very very good compliments and remarks.In fact some of them went down to the shop to get cakes for birthdays and well as patronize the place for the brownies as well as creme puffs. they truly believe givin the best to their customers.

i aint gettin paid to do this publicity and promotin her shop..but i just reckon is sooo good that is only worthwhile to share and spread the goodness..

cheers backofen..cheers celyn ^_^

ice kacang @ kepong


okay okay..i know you readers must be wonderin: where have i disappear and where have i been on earth that barely a single word from my blog last many weeks..i'm sorry..loads of happenings over those weeks..

Some enlightenin readin...

a week and some old buddies from high school was out on a dinner (beth,sau yan,saw hoon and jiun seng). along Teong and Merv joined us. ( yea beth's boy boy and mine)

we headed for seafood in subang village where the old airport terminal was.the food was alright..nothing much to shout about except the soup. Yum Yum..and as usual Saw Hoon finished up most of the dishes especially the crabs. Despite being the thinnest among us, it really does puzzled us where all the food go to..

durin' dinner, all of us was cravin' and talkin bout eatin durian (applies to those who loves durian).Of course there was a few who don't fancy it..but we still went ahead with the idea of durian eating after dinner (majority wins ^_^)

Teong suggested Kepong as there is many many durian stalls along the road to choose for.. (eyes wide open with glimpses of hope)..

Unfortunately, they were all closed due to Merdeka.Damnz!Only one stall was open, displaying pathetically a handful of durians..So we skipped the idea..and headed down the road for ice kacang.

A stall down the road serves great ice kacang with gula melaka..

Was truly satisfying..better than nothin' though..especially the stall auntie was so generous to add on the gula melaka.

Standin: Me + Saw Hoon
Sitted: Sau Yan + Beth

all of us were brain freeze after that...the night didnt just end there.
Headed back to Merv's place to play board game (me,Beth,Saw Hoon and Merv). Beth brought over this new game none of us played before. "LIFE"..was pretty awesome get to have a job, a paycheck, get married and have kids..etc..and see who is the richest among all, that's the WINNER.I won 1st game with monetary value $2.1million. Saw Hoon won the 2nd game with $2.75 million.So awesome.
what a great night!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

food..for the soul...yummylicious

.."i am not a glutton but just an explorer of foods"

is not just bout eatin..placin the food into your much..
over the years much appreciation is givin to food *applause*

and people actually take their time and effort to have the best presentation of the food that they cook..we are all fine art lovers..and we love what we see..and some food can be presented so pretty..much thoughts and creativity has put into it...

jus like the ones below:-

just some snapshots i took over the Foodshow in Hong Kong recently last month..

and desserts are just like "love at first sight" meltin into your mouth especially the hot fudge mousse cakes..melts i the mouth and warms the heart..

...the best ever hot fudge mousse cake..#1..Mortons steakhouse..all over the world...this one was in Hong Kong, Sheraton hotel,Tsim Tsa Tsui

..too far..we have a nearer option..Bon Ton,#8 Jln Conlay..highly recommended especially you have a bad day at work..or just need somethin soothin, comfortin...there is nuthin like unwind the day and have a piece of mud cake...go try it works its charm on me and so of my friends...*thumbs up*

the knot*


it seems that many people are actually headin towards the "next phase in life"..

the big word with loads of commitment, a whole new world of "MARRIED"..

of course is such a great occasion especially when you see friends getting married to their high school sweetheart..aww so sweet..and also all the weddin dinner that you go to...when they show the slides,pictures of the couples, the courtin moments..just melt your heart away(ok,perhaps not all think so..but i do..) and you wish you too get a good weddin, good organizers for your wedding to do all that heart meltin stuffs..and of course a great hubby that you will be spending the next 365 days and more to come of the 365 days a year..girl will always be girls...

and the great wicked evil part is the part where the brides chi muis play the tricks and seek the bridgeroom to do all sorts of challenges and craziest things before gettin wed to the bride..aint that easy man be prepared..and good tip: bring along good buddies that will help ya out and sharedthe misery that you faces never know what you bout to face..not sure?

#01 if you hate durian, they will probably ask you to eat some..ewwws...especially those who cant take the smell..
#02 bread spread with different ingredient..of the sweet,sour,bitter,spicy..Spicy like wasabi, bitter like watermelon seeds.
#03 figurin out what is written on each disposable underwear...and each person wears on one of it with an alphabet to it and rearrange..and doin the mississippi butt..
#04 sing out of your long a love make sure you know at least one to be sang on your big day..
..and of course and worst and far far worst than these listed..
now you know that girls are capable of being evil...*winks*

here are some snapshots of wedding cakes..courtesy from HOFEX (International Exhibition of Food & Drink,Hotel,Restaurant &Foodservice Equipments,Supplies &Services)